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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Beat the heat and stay fresh all day long with Flora Fragrances Body Perfumes!

Summers have arrived and one of the major problems faced by any person is the bad body odor which can be irritating and awkward for not only the person but for the people nearby him/her too. Also body perfumes is the one of the major turn on and one of the attractive things which divert any person’s attention towards you. So friends you have to be very careful about your choice of perfumes this summer. But don’t worry at all. Like always we have come to your rescue. Flora Fragrances offers a wide range of body perfumes for men, women and unisex. In this article we’ll tell you about our vast collection of body perfumes.

1.)    For Men: We offer 3 body perfumes for men i.e Top Of Jewel,  Paris Touch and Riyad Smell Again

a.)    Top Of Jewel : It's classic fragrance is good for men. This perfume contains fresh and sharp fragrance with warm woody base. This is high quality perfume which is also a perfect gift giving for any occasion.

b.)    Paris Touch : It has a very long lasting and vibrant fragrance. Paris Touch contains vibrant fragrance accented with spicy notes that call the attention of those around you. Its long-lasting effect is enough to keep your perfume all day long. This is also a good option for those who are not happy with the sweating smell. It is a perfect option for men to use on daily basis.

c.)    Riyad Smell again : It is an iconic male perfume that contains original ocean fragrance. It is skin friendly and no harmful chemicals are added. It is a good option to try in summers as it keeps your body cool. 

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2.)   For Women : We offer 3 body perfumes for women i.e Smell Of Love, Shakira and Alia Rich Fragrance

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a.)   Smell Of love: Its irresistible and long lasting fragrance keep you confident all day long. Smell of love actually smells very fresh like blush blooms . Its long lasting effect will keep your perfume all day long. The composition is oriental, fruity and sweet. Best for all women whether she is working lady or college going girl.

b.)  Shakira : This fragrance represents  the power of dream and relaxation. Its calm powdery fragrance is dedicated to weekend. It is perfect for taking a break from hectic life. Its soften aroma is perfect for relaxing your mind and soul. 

c.)  Alia Rich Fragrance : Alia Rich Fragrance Perfume celebrates the strength, vision and success. For women Alia Rich Fragrance is inspired by the dramatic life of a warrior, celebrating power and success. This is the most popular aroma ever made, it is a perfect choice for those who wallow a life well lived while facing all the troubles like a warrior.

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3.)    For Unisex : We offer 2 body perfumes for unisex i.e Dahab Smell Again and Perfume For   Ever

a.)  Dahab Smell Again : Dahab smell again perfume contains floral fruity fragrance. It is a unisex perfume that contains sweet aroma. Its memorable smell is really unforgettable. It is a perfume that blends emotions and memory together very well. Through  this perfume we encourage true connoisseurs to collect their most unforgettable and beloved chapters.

b.)  Perfume For Ever : Perfume for ever as name suggest it is a perfume that can be used forever. It is casual and breezy fruity floral scent that is perfect for summers, winters, Autum and for monsoon too. This perfume blends sweet and addictive odor together, which also offers sensual fragrance experience.

      So, now you know which fragrances to choose this summer! Visit our website www.florafragrance.com and shop from the best range of Body Perfumes. 

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